Group of NWY ASBAH members at dinner

Adult support

  • We programme peer support groups through providing activities such as meals out, bowling, cinema trips, mini golf, fishing and sailing. We also provide workshops, conferences and residentials. These meetings are a great way of making new friends, sharing experiences and enjoying life with others who have encountered similar challenges.

  • For the times when you feel you just cant get out, we also have a Befriending Scheme. This is an opportunity to still feel connected and involved as you receive a friendly, kind and interested phone call from a befriender.

  • If you are feeling inspired and energetic, you may like to offer your skills up for mentoring, volunteering or fundraising.

  • If you wish to just observe from a distance, then we have our seasonal newsletter that we call the Newslink to keep you informed - you may even like to write an article for an edition?